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CHI 2021 Workshop Papers

Posted on 23-Mar-2021 by admin admin
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We would like to celebrate the acceptance of Ph.D. students Afsaneh Razi and Xavier Caddle to attend two CHI 2021 Workshops.

Afsaneh’s paper, Teens at the Margin: Artificially Intelligent Technology for Promoting Adolescent Online Safety, was accepted to the CHI 2021 Workshop Artificially Intelligent Technology for the Margins: A Multidisciplinary Design Agenda. In her paper, Afsaneh emphasizes the need for adolescent online safety researchers to shift their focus specifically on teens to develop artificial intelligent systems for online safety of adolescents as a marginalized group. Furthermore, Afsaneh discusses the ethical, privacy, and system use challenges pertinent to automated systems for adolescent online safety.

Xavier’s paper, Instagram Data Donation: A Case for Partnering with Social Media Platforms to Protect Adolescents Online, was accepted to the CHI 2021 Workshop Social Media as a Design and Research Site in HCI: Mapping Out Opportunities and Envisioning Future UsesIn his paper, Xavier notes the challenges the researchers face when trying to access social media data that could be utilized to support the online safety of adolescents. Using the challenges that we faced while creating a dataset for the MOSafely project, Xavier advocates that social media platforms should collaborate with researchers to promote ethical and responsible research that benefits youth and protects them from online risk.


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