Instagram Data Donation (UCF Youth and Social Media Study)

Instagram Data Donation is an NSF-funded research project to improve teens’ online safety by using human-centered machine learning on their real social media data. We are using these methods to improve online risk detection algorithms which can be used in more privacy-preserving online safety systems.

In this project first, teens and young adults would answer questions about their online and personal experiences and will then be asked to upload their Instagram data to our website. Our aim is to understand the online risk perceptions of teens about their own social media data. This would be used to create a dataset and have teens’ perspectives in created labeled training datasets for machine learning. The purpose of this study is to understand teens’ social media use, their online risks, and their mental health issues to improve online safety AI technologies. We want to find out the relationships between their mental health issues and their online risks. We aim to analyze teen’s Instagram data and leverage human-centered design principles and machine learning techniques to facilitate the development of improved technologies for keeping teens safe online.