CHI 2021 Workshop Papers

We would like to celebrate the acceptances of Ph.D. students Afsaneh Razi and Xavier Caddle to attend two CHI 2021 Workshops. Afsaneh’s paper, Teens at the Margin: Artificially Intelligent Technology for Promoting Adolescent Online Safety, was accepted to the CHI 2021 Workshop Artificially Intelligent Technology for the Margins: A Multidisciplinary Design Agenda. In her paper, […]

ICWSM 2021 Paper

We would like to congratulate Seunghyun Kim (Matt) for getting his paper You Don’t Know How I Feel:Insider-Outsider Perspective Gaps in Cyberbullying Risk Detection accepted to ICWSM 2021! The paper analyzed posts on the social media platform TalkLife to highlight how the different perspectives involved in establishing ground truth influenced the performance of the machine […]